Engineering Services

HGS offers comprehensive engineering services.  Our team includes a range of disciplines including mechanical, chemical, electrical, structural, civil, environmental, safety and more.  Our team is experienced with complex issue management and has provided solutions to Fortune 100 and 500 companies as well as multiple federal agencies.  Our company has two key areas of expertise – facility services and environmental & safety support.   Our ability to share resources within the company structure allows us to offer comprehensive solutions to clients and assist in recommended corrective actions when problems are identified.

HGS Engineering provides Architect and Engineering (AE) services and general engineering support to the federal government, state and local agencies, and private sector clients nationwide. Services include :
– Multi-Disciplinary Engineering
– Civil Engineering
– Structural Engineering
– Mechanical Engineering
– LEED Facility Retro Commissioning
– Electrical Engineering
– Fire, Life, Safety Engineering

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering
Using a multi-disciplinary engineering team approach, HGS engineers designed base camps for the Department of State in Afghanistan and for the Defense Department in Niger. Teams included architects and civil, mechanical, electrical, structural, fire protection, and environmental engineers. Engineering teams developed design drawings, cost estimates, scopes of work, and construction schedules to support the construction of the base camps. The camps meet all new AT/FP standards. HGS provided construction management support, site civil support, and quality control of construction during the construction phase.

Civil Engineering
HGS engineers designed roads for the Alabama Department of Transportation and landfills for the former Ft. McClellan in Alabama. HGS provided the staff engineer at the Department of Homeland Security, Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP). After 9/11 and as the mission and facility grew, HGS supported the growth of the CDP by developing plans, specifications, and overseeing construction of parking lots, student training facilities, and dormitories.

Structural Engineering
HGS Engineering has a long and very successful history of supporting the US military’s Chemical Demilitarization Program. HGS engineers assisted in the failure analysis of a major blast wall that experienced catastrophic failure at the Anniston, Alabama Chemical Agent Demilitarization facility and assessed repair strategies. HGS structural engineers have assessed the structural integrity and certified piping and tanks having a lethal service application at the Anniston facility and at the Aberdeen Chemical Agent Neutralization facility. In the private sector, HGS engineers developed programs and produced standard designs for tanks, compressors, and vaporizers for one of the world’s largest industrial gas manufacturers.

Mechanical Engineering
In addition to comprehensive mechanical facility assessments, HGS mechanical engineers conducted complex finite element analysis for over 1,800 secondary market aircraft parts. Engineers analyzed testing protocols to determine if pressures applied to rebuilt parts exceeded rupture thresholds and determined blast pattern, projectile size, and energy in a failure mode. HGS conducted a probabilistic risk analysis to determine the impact to employees in the event of a catastrophic failure and explosion of parts being tested. HGS mechanical engineers recommended alterations to the testing protocols, relocation of employees, and shielding to protect employees engaged in part pressurization.

New Building Commissioning / EB Retro-Commissioning
HGS mobilized teams of professional (including CXP, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, building envelope specialist and architects) to assist building owners in getting the most out of their buildings as they were designed and built. HGS has assisted the United States of Air Force in the total building evaluation of base medical facilities at Moody, Bolling, Los Angeles and Edwards AF bases. HGS has mobilized its commissioning teams to assist the Department of Veterans Affairs in conducting total building retro-commissioning of eleven medical facilities in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. HGS Engineering has performed existing builing retro-commission for the Air Force at Minot and Seymour Johnson AF bases.

Electrical Engineering
HGS electrical engineers have responded to rapid mobilization requirements in Japan, Italy, Germany and across the United States in support of the US Air Force. HGS conducts electrical surveys and provides design and cost support for industrial clients like Honeywell and federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security.

Fire, Life, Safety Engineering
HGS engineers assessed a Department of Homeland Security facility as it was being converted to a training facility. The assessment included code compliance, configuration, adequacy and functionality measures. HGS provided design drawings, specifications and estimates to bring the facility into compliance.