Information Technology Services

HGS Engineering offers a comprehensive range of computer and information management services to help businesses, state and federal government agencies with their information technology needs. These services include :
– Computer Security
– Digital Forensics
– Data Management
– Operational and Help Desk Support

Computer Security
The widespread use of computers makes users vulnerable to cyber-attack that can seriously harm or disrupt business. Our IT Department helps government and businesses protect vital information. HGS can enhance computer security through on-site consulting, testing and professional training that demonstrates how computer security systems are breached and how this can be prevented.

Digital Forensics
Every electronic device contains valuable digital evidence. Digital forensics is the application of computer investigation and analysis techniques to determine who accessed, altered, updated, deleted, or viewed data along with how it was done and when it was done. HGS Engineering has IT professionals trained in acquiring this data.

Data Management
HGS is assisting the Corps of Engineers, North Atlantic Division, with the management of environmental records for Formerly Utilized Defense Sites. The program, called FIIP, Formerly Utilized Defense Site Information Improvement Program, catalogues and digitizes documents for ease of access and for long term storage.

Operational and Help Desk Support
HGS Engineering provided Information Technology support at the Department of Homeland Security Center for Domestic Preparedness. HGS managed the entire system supporting almost 500 employees and staffed an IT Help Desk to respond to problems and IT related queries.