Keep Up-to-Date with HGS's Recent Activity

Forest Service

Within the last year, HGS Engineering has been awarded nine contracts with the USDA Forest Service. These contracts consist of Sanitary Surveys and ECAPs for Regions 3,6, and 8.


In the past 6 months, HGS Engineering has been awarded a contract with VISN 16 and a contract with VISN 23 to provide commissioning, re-commissioning, and retro commissioning.

Facility Operations and Maintenance

HGS Engineering is currently in a five year contract with the USDOC NOAA Coastal Services Center, providing facilities, equipment, system operation, maintenance, and repairs in Charleston, SC.

Environmental Training

In 2016, HGS Engineering was awarded an Environmental Training Contract for the Tennessee Army National Guard. HGS was awarded a 5 year BPA to provide environmental compliance training to the Bureau of Prisons.

Lockout Tagout

Within the last year, HGS Engineering has been awarded three contracts to provide Lockout Tagout services to VA Hospitals in Boston, the VA Healthcare System in Ann Arbor, and the VA Medical Center in North Las Vegas

Asbestos Inspections

In FY 2016, HGS Engineering was awarded contracts to provide Asbestos inspections at US Coast Guard Facilities in Alabama and Wisconsin and VA Facilities in Waco, Temple, Big Spring, Cincinnati, and Jackson. HGS also provided Asbestos Inspections to a DHS Training Facility.

Water Safety Support

In March of 2017, HGS was awarded a contract with the VA facility in Columbia, SC for Dental Waterline Testing.

In FY 2016 HGS Engineering was awarded water safety support contracts at VA Facilities in Puerto Rico, Dayton, Tuscaloosa, Spokane, and White City. These contracts range from routine legionella sampling to management plan development to shock remediation of water systems.

SPCC Plan Preparation

In FY 2016, HGS Engineering was awarded contracts to update Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasures Plans at VA Facilities in Phoenix, AZ, Topeka, KS, and Leavenworth, KS. HGS also prepared SPCC Plans for the National Parks Service at the North Cascades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve.

Employee Acknowledgements

One of our Project Managers, Robert Jackson, received his Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) Certification in March of 2017.

In March, our Environmental Engineer, Todd McCutchen, passed his Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam and is one step closer toward becoming a licensed Professional Engineer.

In May of 2017, our Environmental Director, Michael Summers, received his Juris Doctorate from Birmingham School of Law with the intent of specializing in Environmental Law.