HGS's Recent Activities

10 January 2018
HGS is excited to announce the opening of our very own in-house laboratory.  We have been certified by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as CDC-ELITE. This qualification is provided to laboratories that demonstrate proficiency in the culture and recovery of Legionella through rigorous testing.

1 January 2018
HGS Engineering continues is strong support of the US Forest Service Environmental Compliance Audit Program.  In 2017, HGS was awarded a 5 year BPA with the US Forest Service, Region 8 to provide comprehensive environmental support.  HGS was awarded the seed project as part of this procurement, which consisted of Audits in Puerto Rico, Louisiana, Alabama, and Georgia.  HGS was also awarded audit contracts in Regions 1, 2, 6, and the Forest Products Lab in 2017.  Combined with on-going Region 9 work, HGS conducted 19 USFS audits in 2017.

1 December 2017
HGS received multiple awards for Phase I ESA support to numerous federal agencies   Key projects consisted of ~1000 acres of forested land in rural Indiana and urban high-rise in northern Virginia.

1 December 2017
HGS was awarded contracts to develop/update Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans for federal facilities in Alaska, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Arkansas, and Kansas in 2017. Clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Justice, and US Forest Service.

20 November 2017
HGS Engineering was awarded a 5 year Asbestos inspection/support contract for the Puget Sound Healthcare Network in VISN 20. HGS was also awarded asbestos inspection contracts in Lexington for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Washington for the GSA.

1 October 2017
HGS Engineering Inc. was awarded a 5 year contract with the VA Medical Center Memphis. Our service consists of all labor and materials to provide quarterly Legionella monitoring to their Medical Center and quarterly HPC monitoring for their Dental Clinic.

1 October 2017
HGS was re-awarded a contract with the VA Caribbean Healthcare System. Over a 5 year contract, HGS will be supplying the VA with services to perform Legionella, Drinking Water, and HPC monitoring.

15 September 2017
HGS Engineering was re-awarded a 5 year contract to provide Environmental Management System and Industrial Hygiene Support to the Drug Enforcement Administration. HGS thanks its team of hard working professionals at DEA HQ for assisting in the bid-response process.

22 August 2017
HGS Engineering was awarded 5 year contract with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Engineering, Occupational Safety and Health (CEOSH) to provide Agency-level SDS/Chemical Inventory Management and Environmental Audit Support. In support of the this contract, HGS placed a team of five full time professionals in St. Louis to work with the VA.

30 July 2017
HGS was re-awarded a contract with the Dayton VA Medical Center for Legionella Water Testing.

1 February 2017
HGS was awarded a contract with the W.J.B. Dorn VA Medical Center to provide quarterly HPC monitoring for their dental chairs at the WJB Dorn Medical Center and the Greenville CBOC Dental Services.