HGS Engineering, Inc.

A Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and a Professional Services Consulting Firm

Environmental Services

HGS Engineering, Inc. provides comprehensive environmental engineering support to the federal government, state and local governments, and private industry. The firm is staffed with professionals trained to address air, water, and solid/hazardous waste issues.

Professional Services

HGS Engineering supports clients with the following professional services: Installation Restoration, Facilities Management, and Management and Support Services.

Engineering Services

HGS Engineering provides Architect and Engineering (AE) services and general engineering support to the federal government, state and local agencies, and private sector clients nationwide.

CDC-ELITE Laboratory Services

HGS is excited to announce the opening of our very own in-house laboratory. The HGS Engineering, Inc. Laboratory provides data that is accurate and precise. We have been certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as CDC-ELITE. This qualification is provided to laboratories that demonstrate proficiency in the culture and recovery of Legionella through rigorous testing. Therefore, our clients can trust in our quality and professionalism.

We strive for constant betterment. Our laboratory is always seeking the latest accreditations and microbiological techniques that could enhance our capabilities. Improvements are assimilated following meticulous QA / QC protocols, and all decisions are made upon the best empirical data.

Health & Safety Services

HGS Engineering’s trained and experienced staff is certified to respond to the demanding spectrum of Occupational Health and Safety challenges.

Emergency Management Services

HGS has trained, senior-level emergency managers to assist communities as they prepare for natural disasters and to help communities respond to the threat of WMD terrorist attacks.

Information Technology Services

HGS Engineering offers a comprehensive range of computer and information management services to help businesses, state and federal government agencies with their information technology needs.

HGS Engineering, Inc.

In my opinion, HGS is a superior firm, responsive to the needs of the customer, committed to services, and an outstanding value.

Department of Veterans Affairs

HGS Engineering…provided an excellent technical product that was on time and contained all requirements in the scope of work and compliance with contract requirements.

Corps of Engineers