HGS Engineering Personnel

HGS owes its success to its cadre of highly professional and credentialed employees.  HGS has over fifty full-time employees at offices in Alabama, Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky, and California.  Snapshots of key employees are detailed below.

Mr. Summers has over 25 years of experience in the areas of civil engineering design, construction management and environmental engineering planning and management. He assisted in the development of US environmental policy abroad and personally negotiated environmental standards for US military construction in Central and South America on behalf of the United States. He is the engineer of record as the Facility Construction Certification engineer at the Aberdeen Chemical Demilitarization Facility, Anniston Chemical Demilitarization Facility, Blue Grass Chemical Agent – Destruction Pilot Plant, and Pueblo Chemical Agent – Destruction Pilot Plant. Mr. Summers is a 1977 graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point.

Harry Summers, Principal
P.E. (LA, GA, NM, FL, UT, CO, MD, AL, OH, KY, SC, and VA)